Identification of Dynamic Damping Properties of a Flexible Structural Adhesive


1 Amirkabir University of Technology

2 Amirkabir University of Technology Aerospace Engineering Department Tehran-Iran


In this paper dynamic damping properties of a nominated flexible structural adhesive have been identified using an extended-direct modal based joint identification method. It has been revealed that damping characteristics of adhesive are correlated to both frequency and mode shape. Young’s and shear moduli increase with frequency but damping on the other hand, decrease. The results showed that mode shape has an important role on the dynamic mechanical properties of adhesive. Modes that dominantly create normal stress on the adhesion surface represent higher stiffness and lower loss factor compared to shear modes. The different level of loss factors between bending modes and shear modes are notable, but damping property of bending modes and shear modes on the other hand, is in the same order and decreases with frequency. It has been shown that the effective, viscoelastic, mechanical properties of the adhesive can be identified successfully, using the suggested method of identification.


Main Subjects

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