H. Ahmadian Prize

The Competition

Researchers are invited to submit a manuscript from their work on “Experimental Vibration and Acoustics” for the review process in JTAVA. The manuscript will be reviewed in a fast-track process for publication in a special section of the journal while the work participates in the competition for H. Ahmadian Prize in the following annual ISAV conference. The prize is given in honour of the late Hamid Ahmadian, Professor of Vibration Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), a founding member of the Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV) and the founding editor-in-chief of TAVA who led the journal from its launch in 2014 until 2021. Three prizes of total worth 400 M IRR will be given to three winners selected by the panel.


Recipients of 2022 Prizes

The official startup of the prize during its 1st year run caused delays in our public announcements and procedures of receiving participants. Thereupon, the review process was not completed on any of the participant manuscripts before the deadlines considered for the prizes awarded in ISAV2022 Conf. Based on the prize regulations, the jury thus selected a pool of 22 experimental papers for the competition which were already published on TAVA within the last 3-years interval. Three prizes, including one prize at level II (worth 100M IRR) and two prizes at level III (each worth 50M IRR) were awarded during a special ceremony in the closing session of ISAV2022 Conf. The recipients were:

Level II winner

M. Tamizifar, M. Mosayebi*, S. Ziaei-Rad, Test planning and operational modal analysis of a wind turbine tower; application to its dynamic behavior, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Vibration and Acoustics, Vol. 6, Iss. 1, 143-158 (2020).

Level III winners

M. Farrokhnia, F. A. Shirazi*, M. Mahnama, M. Mahjoob, Finite element model updating of a geared rotor system using particle swarm optimization for condition monitoring, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Vibration and Acoustics, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, 95-114 (2019).

A. Mokhtari, M. M. Jalili, A. Mazidi*, Experimental investigation of the gyroscopic and rotary inertia effects on the chatter boundary in a milling process, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Vibration and Acoustics, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, 115-130 (2019).



Interested researchers should submit their manuscript with article type as “H. Ahmadian Prize” to enter the competition. The research work will be reviewed in a fast-track process while a panel of reviewers will also evaluate the work based on the following items:



Theoretical development of dynamic models

Theoretical Basis


Analytical, semi-analytical and numerical solution methods


Design, construction and start-up of test-rig for experimental studies

Experimental Validations


Tests and experimental analyses


Results validation by laboratory experiments


Demonstration of industrial significance for the results

Field Tests


Industrial implementation of principal findings


You may submit any supplementary file supporting the start-up of a test-rig, field tests or other items which might help the evaluator panel to review the work.

To support young researchers, manuscripts whose corresponding author is within the first 20 years of their career, will receive a +10% points in evaluations. Supporting documents in this regard may be submitted as supplementary material through manuscript submission.



Participating manuscripts should meet the following criterion:

The authors’ list should include minimum one faculty member and student from Iranian universities.



Three prizes worth 250 M, 100 M and 50 M IRR will be given to selected winners. The results will be announced at the ISAV2023 conference.



Manuscript must be submitted no later than 6 July 2023, about 4 months before the ISAV2023 conference. This deadline is extended to 22 August 2023.


Contact Information

For more information about participating in the competition, you may contact +98 (912) 459 3052 on Soroush or send an email to tava@isav.ir.