Multi-frequency piezomagnetoelastic energy harvesting in the monostable mode

Document Type : Research Article


1 MSc. Student, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


The present article investigates effects of the multi-frequency excitation on the output power of a piezomagnetoelastic energy harvester. The piezomagnetoelastic power generator is assumed to operate in the mono-stable mode. A perturbation technique based on the method of multiple scales is employed to develop an analytical solution to nonlinear differential equations governing the system dynamics. In addition, a Runge-Kutta numerical scheme is used to solve the differential equations. It is shown that the perturbation solution is in a close agreement with the numerical solution. The system response is determined for several cases including super-harmonic, combination and simultaneous resonances. The steady-state output voltage is then obtained for each case and compared with that of a single-frequency excitation. Due to nonlinearities present in the system, a multi-frequency excitation gives rise to complicated phenomena such as
combination and simultaneous resonances. It is found out that exploiting these resonances can significantly increase the amount of energy harvested.


  • A multi-frequency excitation is considered for the piezomagnetoelastic energy harvester.
  • Superharmonic‌, combination and simultaneous resonances are investigated.
  • The method of multiple scales is employed to solve the governing equations.
  • The combination resonance generates more power than separate excitations.
  • The simultaneous resonance generates more power compared to the combination.


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